Our Mission

Strengthening our community through film.

The festival seeks to offer quality entertainment that will create an ongoing vehicle for the Greenville Jewish Community to strengthen its cultural foundation, promote diversity through higher visibility, and grow Greenville’s reputation as a culturally vibrant Jewish community.


Our Board


From left to right: Caroline Warthen, Jim Dant, Osnat Rosen, Helaine Meyers


Meet Jim Dant, a fellow board member and Baptist minster in Greenville

Jim writes:

“Yes. It’s true. I am a white, middle-aged, Baptist minister serving on the board of the Greenville Jewish Film Festival (GJFF). So, the question is a fair one. What is a nice Baptist minister like me doing on a board like this?

I am pursing one of the joys of my life – cinema. My occupation of choice in high school was working at the local cinema. I began my career at the Martin Twin Cinema serving popcorn, cola and candy in concessions. In no time, I was promoted to the ticket booth. And finally, I spent my senior year as the projectionist. I was a cinema employee when the original Star Wars was held over for forty-two weeks! I ran the projector when Smokey and the Bandit was released! From my childhood, I’ve loved movies and serving on this board keeps me close to an art form I enjoy.

I serve on this board because I enjoy working with the other members of the board. In the earliest days, it was me...and three Jewish women. They worked at a stereotypically frenzied pace and had no problem telling me exactly what to do. It fits my nature. Let’s get this done...tell me what you need me to do. They are a blast! I serve on this board because I want the Greenville community to know the GJFF is for everyone. I like to tell people, it’s a ‘Jewish film’ festival...not a ‘Jewish’ film festival. (Get the emphasis?) This is a celebration of Jewish cinema, actors and themes that are relevant and entertaining for all peoples.

I serve on this board in order to build bridges, foster understanding and bring people together. As I write this article, the horrific murders at a synagogue in Pennsylvania are being reported. My heart is sinking...again. But I am still hopeful that just a couple of hours in a theater together, enjoying a film or two, will remind us we are friends...neighbors...family.

And that’s what a nice Baptist minister like me is doing on the board of a Jewish film festival.”



We are excited to announce the addition of Valerie Pascoe to our board.

Valerie has resided in Greenville, SC, for 14 years and works primarily as a corporate communications consultant for Michelin North America. After graduating from Furman University in 1997, Valerie worked as an investigative journalist for CNN's award-winning documentary unit in Washington, DC, where she covered international politics and national security with a focus on the Middle East. Her journalism experience and personal passion for food led her back to Greenville to lead media and public relations for the launch in 2005 of Michelin's first restaurant guides outside of Europe. Valerie's close connections in the Middle East, passion for filmmaking and involvement within Michelin's diversity and inclusion team align closely with the mission of the Greenville Jewish Film Festival to prompt positive dialogue and promote the importance of cultural and religious diversity and inclusion in our community.