Summer is ending, but we’re just getting started!

Keep in touch with us as we plan for our 2nd Annual Greenville Jewish Film Festival.


SummerFest 2019 Recap


A diverse and engaging crowd filled the lobby of the Greenville One Center on August 25th for the showing of the documentary, Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles. The Max Lewkowicz’s film took an in-depth look at the origins of the Broadway musical, Fiddler on the Roof. It did more than take us down memory lane, the documentary demonstrated how this distinctly Jewish musical has become universal and is embraced by many cultures. Fiddler on the Roof endures because nearly every culture has gone through some kind of upheaval. Learning how to emerge intact from that upheaval is an ongoing process.

In addition to the movie, we served delicious authentic Eastern European food : Apple, Noodle, and Potato Kugels. Borscht. Herring, Whitefish, and Mock Chop Liver spreads. Challah, Babka, and Fruit Compote as well as Israeli wine. Music by Bandana Klezmer, Greenville County Youth Orchestra, and Igor Begelman - Peace Center’s Artist in Residence filled the area with delightful tunes. And last but not least, setting the stage for our feature film, Dr. Jim Dant, the Senior Minister at First Baptist Greenville and Founding Board Member of the GJFF, gave a profound and enlightening introduction.

We thank everyone who came out to support the Greenville Jewish Film Festival and hope those who attended walked away with full stomachs and enriched hearts. Until next time!


Photo credit: TOWN Magazine

Join us at the new Greenville ONE Center for all 3 films in our series.

Join us at the new Greenville ONE Center for all 3 films in our series.

Who We Are

Connecting our community, one film at a time.

Our mission is simple: showcase films that expose the community of Greenville to the rich and diverse heritage of Judaism.  Our hope is that through the art of film, we can inspire our community to see beyond differences, and rather connect over the ties that bind us all, like respect, love and passion. Our selection of movies allows for an opportunity to think critically and feel powerfully. We hope you join us, whether it's as a participant, volunteer or sponsor...or all three!


Business Sponsors


This program is funded in part by the Metropolitan Arts Council which receives support from the City of Greenville, BMW Manufacturing Company, Michelin North America, Inc., SEW Eurodrive and the South Carolina Arts Commission.



Judie Klapholz and Seinwel Steinhart

 Dr. and Mrs. Richard Zander

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Rickoff

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Miller

Rosa Eisenstadt

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Meyers

Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Gold

Friends of the Festival

Mike and Michelle Shain

Mitch Wolin

Holly Tree Pediatric Dentistry: Ann Bynum

Diane and Steven Siegel

Dr. Jim Dant

Caren Senter

Roy Katz

Barbara and Harold Rabhan

Ms. Jill Alper

Abraham and Carmen Tesser

Raymond and Karinna Levy

Dr. Leor Lindner D.M.D

Mr. and Mrs. Radford Jenkins

Congregation Beth Israel Sisterhood

Garrison Opticians: Bonnie Noble Silberman and Phil Silberman

Mr. and Mrs. Shelly Zimbler

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Christy

Jennifer Zydney

Michelle Etkind

Adam McKnight

Temple of Israel Religious School

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kaiserman

Debi and Tom Roberts

Robert Howard

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